What happens when you mix hackers and electronic medical devices? Come to MadHacks Heartbleed and find out! We'll have hardware, mentors, introductory projects, tech talks, team challenges, games, and activities for everyone interested in computer science, information security and biomedical engineering.


  • All majors are welcome to participate
  • Teams may have 1-4 members


Even if your hack isn't "finished" you should still submit it for judging. Build the best hack you can, that best demonstrates your idea, given the short time you have to build it. Your submission should include

  • A 'functional' prototype or your software or hardware
  • A demonstration video (if applicable) showing your hack in action
  • Links to website and/or GitHub
  • Screenshots
  • Design documents, sketches, illustrations of your idea
  • An explanation of your hack-- why did you choose this project to build today?
  • What are your future plans for your hack?
  • RECOMMENDED: (At most) 2 minute demo video of your hack.

Submit your hack well before the deadline-- you can update it until the deadline

NOTE: The official deadline is 11:00 AM! Please submit your hack before this time.

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$4,400 in prizes

Best InfoSec + BME Hack

Prize: WiFi Pineapple from Hak5 + FitBit Charge 2 + Bash Bunny from Hak5

Best BME Hack

Prize: FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker

Maddest Hack

Prize: $50 Credit towards a Bobcat in the Box

1st Time Hacker

ALL members of the team must be FIRST time hackers!

Prize: AWS IoT Button + 64GB Flashdrive + Humble Book Bundle: "Hacking Reloaded"

[WINNER] "Objectively Human" - Liberty Mutual

We are excited to be offering the “Objectively Human” challenge where the winning team will win a $200 gift card for each member. Our challenge to you is to create a fun & wacky solution that puts humans at the center of your design. While we want you to come up with the most fun and wacky solution here, we are looking to award the team that demonstrates the most attention given to its user base. There will be bonus points for good development practices as well.

[RUNNER UP] "Objectively Human" - Liberty Mutual


Combine Citi’s sandbox APIs with other apps, systems, or websites in the health or information security space (e.g. FitBit or Sleep Data, etc) to create a framework that generates insights that link a user's health and their finances. Separately, we challenge you to think of ways you can use a set of transaction data to provide identity or security services for a user (does transaction data act as a fingerprint? How might we use that fingerprint?). When you present, have a pain-point/solution statement with user journey, and post your project on GitHub. The winning team will get $1000, split equally among the team members.

Best Use of Microsoft Azure - Microsoft

App that makes the best use of Microsoft Azure. The prize is Xbox One S Bundle w/ Madden 18 + Controllers

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Prize: Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit

Judge's Choice

Hacker's Choice

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Austin Hartzheim

Austin Hartzheim
Director Emeritus, MadHacks

Gopika Senthilkumar

Gopika Senthilkumar
Co-President, Insight Wisconsin

Jake Hamel

Jake Hamel
Director, MadHacks


Senior Security Consultant

Steve Noonan

Steve Noonan
Founder, MadHacks

Jim Voss

Jim Voss
Interface Engineer, Epic

Sarah Sexton

Sarah Sexton

Judging Criteria

  • Submission Rules
    PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT FOR ONE MADHACKS PRIZE! MadHacks Prizes are 'Best BME, 'Best InfoSec', 'Best InfoSec + BME', 'Best 1st Time Hacker', 'Maddest Hack'. You may submit for as many sponsor prizes as you'd like, however.
  • 'Best BME', 'Best InfoSec', and 'Best InfoSec + BME'
    Criteria: Creativity, Technicality, Usefulness, Polish
  • 'Best 1st Time Hacker'
    THIS MUST BE YOUR FIRST HACKATHON! Other Criteria: Creativity, Challenge, Growth, Polish
  • 'Maddest Hack'
    THIS MUST INCORPORATE THE 'SECRET INGREDIENT' Other Criteria: Creativity, Technicality, Use of Device, Presentation

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